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Euan Campbell

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Euan Campbell

Looking for the right career path? Planning a job or career change? Here''s a little secret: it doesn''t need to be so complicated or confusing! Let''s discover your direction - simply and quickly.

Whether you’re just starting your career or have been working for years, finding the right career direction can feel like an elusive and impossible task.

And understandably so: with so many jobs and careers available, how are we meant to know which to choose? It’s not like we can systematically test them all.

Well the good news is, you don’t have to.

In fact, you already have all the information you need to discover your career direction. It’s sitting inside your head. You just need the right process, exercises and questions to access it.

My tried and tested programme - "Discover your Dream Job" – helps you to access this information and makes finding your career direction simple. Whether you’re a student or have been working for years, you will discover work that deeply matters to you, motivates you, fascinates you and that pays enough, in just 6 sessions. Say goodbye to blue Sunday evenings and dreading the start of the week!

By the end of the 6 coaching sessions, you will:

1. Know your unique skills, strengths, qualities, purpose and values
2. Have a written-down and crystal-clear picture of your career direction
3. Have a shortlist of real-life jobs to immediately apply for
4. Feel motivated and confident to pursue your career direction

Sound good?

Deciding on your next career steps doesn’t need to feel impossible and overwhelming. In fact, it can be simple and enjoyable!

Get in touch for a free, 30-minute sample coaching session and let’s start a conversation today. I look forward to speaking!

My Experience


- Professional Coach, trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)
- BA in Classics at the University of Oxford, The Queen’s College

- Behaviour and Culture Change Psychologist
- Strategy & Innovation Consultant
- Market Researcher

References available upon request.


“Euan was absolutely fantastic. His calm, thoughtful and perceptive style not only put me at ease but helped me open up to him and really get the most out of coaching. He allowed me to identify habits in my way of thinking that held me back and provided me with the skills to take control. It has had a wonderful impact on my life from feeling more confident to allowing myself to relax. I would recommend his services to anyone."

Rebecca, Editor at a major publishing house

“Professional coaching has been a phenomenal journey to self-discovery and encouragement. This has been a pivotal moment in my career; with Euan’s support I’ve transitioned to a new role taking on a wider remit equipped with the necessary confidence and resilience to be setup for success. Thank you, Euan, for your passion and dedication - it has been a remarkable process."

Jocylenne, Senior Operations Manager

“As a confident self-starter, I struggled initially to see the value of coaching - what could a coach tell me about myself that I didn't already know? In response, Euan was patient and inquisitive. He led me through a number of structured exercises to help me define my core goals and uncovered a number of limiting beliefs preventing me achieving them. Our work together helped me establish a clarity of purpose which ultimately led to a successful career transition from the private to the public sector. I would strongly recommend anyone considering their career next steps to do the same."

James, HM Treasury

My Rates

I charge £80 - £120/hour, and offer a free-of-charge, 30-minute sample coaching session to anyone looking to experience career coaching.

My Coaching Styles

Essential to the effectiveness of coaching is your coach’s mindset.

Five ingredients underpin my coaching mindset:

Safe: I create judgement-free, confidential spaces

Present: I give my total attention in every moment

Curious: I assume nothing is obvious

Courageous: I ask the difficult questions that make the difference

Unwavering: I believe in my clients more than they might believe in themselves

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching

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