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Gary Hall
 - Watford

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Gary Hall

Confidence and change Life coach

What I do best

I help people change what they donít want in their life any more. To have more of what they do want. More confidence, more freedom to be who they want to be, self-expression with no apologies. I create breakthroughs, so you become clear about what you do want from your one precious life and a road map to map to get it.

Let us have a conversation.

The good news is that you don''t need to be alone in all this. I can help you change.
You have all the tools and resources. You just need the instruction manual. Let''s work together and define what change means to you and create a roadmap to get you there.

My Experience

I qualified with The Coaching Academy Personal Performance Diploma.†Additional CPD in confidence coaching (continued professional development). I have been around personal development for the best part of 20 years.† I have used and still use a coach myself for my own personal growth so I know what the benefits of coaching can bring.

My Rates

BAC's and card payment via PayPal accepted. Please call to discuss. I offer various options and packages to suit all budgets. What price do you put on your success and happiness?

My Coaching Styles

My Style

My clients tell me I make them feel relaxed and comfortable to talk to. I'm not the type of coach who uses blue sky jargon or long, meaningful descriptions or complex analysis to explain something that can be described in one sentence or even one word. I remember being told when I was qualifying for my coaching diploma to stop describing coaching (with diagrams) and be a coach. Simple isn't it when someone else can see what you can't see. That is what a coach can do.

As one of my clients said

"I wished I found Gary sooner rather than later. He was someone who was there for me, listened to me, really listened without judgement, cared about me and my success, someone who challenged and held me to account when I was not following through on my goals and outcomes. He made me feel safe and secure in our sessions, and I always came away feeling positive and energised. I miss those sessions they were special. Keep up the good work, Gary". Joanne

"People come to me for coaching for lots of different reasons, but the bottom line is they want to change. They no longer want things to stay the same, and they see that coaching can make that change happen" Gary Hall.

Book a 45-minute free Breakthrough session (no-obligation) call with me to explore and create your future. If all this call did was inspire you into action, would it be worth it? tel: 07421 100646 or visit

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Relationship Coaching
Stress Coaching
Stress Coaching

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