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View Profile Christopher Fisher

Christopher Fisher - London

Direct Action was founded in May 2019 with its launch in August 2019, and has an objective to provide clients one-to-one life coaching sessions. It also aims to use life-coaching strategies in a business environment.

What is life-coaching?
Life Coaching allows you to seek direction; set goals to reach the destination and ensures... [read more]

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View Profile David Mahoney

David Mahoney - London

Choice and subsequent change is challenging and often people do not know where to start. Where I excel is in working with you to understand what it is that you would like to achieve, then charting the path towards your goals.

Together we will make this journey simple, understood and easy to... [read more]

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View Profile Beverley Bramwell

Beverley Bramwell

I've seen it all! I left my last corporate role following a restructure and my redundancy. I become an interim manager and consultant working in the public sector and charities. During that time I trained as a coach to enhance my people skills. I discovered I loved coaching and over time,... [read more]

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View Profile Francesca Elisia

Francesca Elisia - London

Francesca Elisia, Creative Spirit Wellness

Coaching with a focus on authenticity and wellbeing.

Change through awareness, exploration, and challenging your limits.

Remote sessions through Zoom, FaceTime, and Phone. Free initial consultation.

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View Profile Kate Tilston

Kate Tilston - Teignmouth

Iím dynamic, creative, passionate and hideously organised, which makes for a great Life Coach.

I have a knack of looking through the clutter, whether itís emotional or physical and helping my clients find a way through it, making space for them to move on. ďI enjoy helping you to find solutions and... [read more]

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View Profile Alan Wherrett

Alan Wherrett - Stroud

Passionate for personal development. I love people and helping others progress.

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View Profile Glen McGra

Glen Mcgra - London

Glen McGra Coaching

Thank-you for stopping by my profile,

My offering:

In my time on this planet, I can say that I've experienced some of what life has to offer, whether fantastic or challenging. My direction has led me toward various techniques that have proven successful in assisting with the art of... [read more]

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View Profile Matthew Parkyn

Matthew Parkyn

I offer career and leadership coaching to managers and other professionals.

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View Profile Kathryn Finch

Kathryn Finch

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Burnout? A complete lack of confidence? Do you feel held back in your life and/or career by something you canít quite put your finger on? Do you feel ďguiltyĒ for not fitting in well enough? Does it feel impossible to ever be happy at work?

I... [read more]

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Geraldine Kirwan

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner - passionate about helping clients move forward fast.
This year I am enjoying working through zoom - or over the phone which many people prefer.
* from this year I am also offering longer "breakthrough sessions" - ideal for discovering... [read more]

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View Profile Shabazz Nelson

Shabazz Nelson - London

Hello, I coach young men and women who seek guidance through cultural trauma, or wish to create and maintain confidence and raised self esteem.
I am a fully qualified coach, providing a newly realised conduit for young people to move from a place of discomfort, to a measured and manageable... [read more]

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View Profile Gillian Meier

Gillian Meier

Tribe Coaching LTD is a Professional Coaching Practice that specialises in helping start-up and small businesses through a variety of growth marketing, life purpose, executive, professional, digital and entrepreneurial coaching programmes uniquely customised to meet the needs of the individual profile.
Our programmes are one-on-one facilitated online sessions, delivered weekly with practical... [read more]

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View Profile Jane Sorrell

Jane Sorrell - London

Jane Bliss Sorrell Coaching & Wellness

Marylebone (W1), Clapham (SW4), Dulwich (SE21), Plumstead Common (SE18)

Change and transformation through mind detox, emotional rebalance, reconnection.

My multi-faceted method quickly identifies & heals the root cause of an issue. Fast transformative results. Many have become free of issues such as reoccurring limiting life patterns, self-sabotage,... [read more]

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View Profile Sue Belton

Sue Belton - London

Hi, I'm Sue, I am an Award-winning Leadership and Career Coach and I specialise in coaching ambitious, established professionals who have a track record of achieving great things, but now want more meaning to their work, want to overcome self-doubt, want more influence and impact, and work smarter not harder so... [read more]

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View Profile Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson - Worcester

An award-winning specialist helping people and businesses become more successful. Ensuring clients make positive lasting change through coaching, mentoring, facilitation, speaking and consultancy activities.

I specialise, and work particularly well with executives, and continue to have a firm belief that everyone has unfathomed potential that just needs the right material, the right... [read more]

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View Profile Jennie-Kate  McCreight

Jennie-Kate  Mccreight - Leeds

I work with people and/or businesses who want to improve aspects of their life, through a coaching approach. This is achieved through 1:1 coaching, workshops & even retreat events.
Coaching is most effective where there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This... [read more]

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View Profile Anna Filatova

Anna Filatova

Iím Anna, a Business and Success Coach for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build their businesses and thrive personally and professionally. I have coached and mentored entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, managers, executives and other highly driven and ambitious professionals living in the UK and internationally.

From a young age, Iíve been... [read more]

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View Profile Simone Williams

Simone Williams - Surrey

I am the owner of Clarify Coaching Services and a qualified Professional Development Coach who specialises in the professional growth and development of Middle Managers and Small Business Owners through, assisting them in navigating key of Leadership, such as:
- the challenges of people and performance management
career and business goal... [read more]

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View Profile Arah Perrett

Arah Perrett - Painswick

I support individuals and teams to achieve their development wants and needs.

I coach on a one to one basis. In addition, I provide a range of training services including Insights Discovery, Diversity and Inclusion, skills development and my bespoke Dynamic Success Programme.

My focus are people who have reached a standpoint in... [read more]

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View Profile Andrea Giraldez

Andrea Giraldez - London

Dr Andrea Giraldez is a fully qualified Life and Executive Coach, NLP and Goal Mapping Practitioner, accredited as a PCC by the International Coach Federation and as Senior Practitioner by EMCC. She is the Director of Online Learning at Growth Coaching International and senior lecturer in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology... [read more]

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View Profile Harsha Perera

Harsha Perera - London

I strongly believe in the inherent human potential that is in all of us and support people to make the best of themselves. My mission is to empower you to find more meaning and fulfilment in your life and work.

I take a holistic approach to coaching and draw inspiration from a... [read more]

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View Profile Fabio Mazzieri

Fabio Mazzieri

I predominately work with 40 - 55 year olds to create a high understanding of a positive mindset, clear self limiting beliefs that are holding you back, create heart centered happiness which allows you to create a clear focus for you to succeed in both your personal and professional life.

You... [read more]

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View Profile Jules Gauntlett

Jules Gauntlett - Cobham Tel: +44 (0)7984 649 382
Do you have goals but aren't sure how to make them happen? As your personal life coach, I will support you to achieve your goals. Coaching allows you to explore your own ideas -after all, you know what will work best for you. By really visualising... [read more]

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View Profile Stephanie  Webster

Stephanie  Webster - London

"Your body can improve. It just needs better management. Its time to learn how to be the best version of you." Stephanie Webster
Brought up on a diet of milk, pasta, bread, pizza, cakes, Oreos, Kool Aid, Cocoa Cola and luminous pink Angel Delight, unsurprisingly I suffered of a low immune system,... [read more]

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View Profile Roger Rawlinson

Roger Rawlinson - Amersham

As an executive or senior manager, do you need a confidential sounding board to help you cultivate your ideas and develop your plans?

Are you frustrated with the effectiveness of your board, your colleagues or your reports?

Does your team operate as a group of individuals rather than a high performing... [read more]

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View Profile Loraine  Harris

Loraine  Harris - Glasgow

Hi There

Thank you for visiting my ​profile today. My name is Loraine. I believe that investing in yourself is essential to lead a fulfilled and happy life.

As well as adults, I can provide support to Children and Young People; having worked with them for many years I am... [read more]

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View Profile Lloyd Bryson

Lloyd Bryson

All leaders feel under pressure to deliver and perform daily. They also acknowledge the need to have their finger on the pulse and have a 360 panoramic view on all matters relating to their personal and professional life. Every day brings new challenges, and new problems. It means that as a... [read more]

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View Profile Laura Constantinescu

Laura Constantinescu

I am a Certified Life Coach and Chartered Counselling Psychologist and I work with motivated and driven people who want to make a difference and move forward in their life, but who feel stuck and like something is holding them back.

I have worked as a leader in a corporate setting for... [read more]

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View Profile Kristy Biggs

Kristy Biggs

2020 was a new decade with new possibilities! However, we are now facing new challenges.

I'm a Mindset and Business Coach who works with highly motivated clients to help them transform themselves and their business.

Who can benefit from business coaching right now:

✅ All Small Business Owners
✅ All Sole Traders
✅ All... [read more]

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View Profile Lucy Editha

Lucy Editha

Life Coaching for those feeling stuck, down, stressed or anxious.

I focus on finding what brings happiness and fulfilment, removing any barriers that may be in the way. I apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to my coaching in order to transform unproductive thinking and behaviours to ones that will help you flourish.

The... [read more]

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View Profile Sara Packwood

Sara Packwood - Middlesex

Sara Packwood@mindthechat
Tel: 07707779648

mindthechat was set up quite simply to help others. So often I see people not achieving what they should, struggling, feeling lost, battling with anxiety, I want to help. I have been there before and many others have too but not everyone takes practical action. The name mindthechat... [read more]

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View Profile Susan Shirley

Susan Shirley

I offer coaching to professionals who want to advance their careers.

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View Profile Gill Parkin

Gill Parkin - Shipley

Hi there!

Iím a qualified coach and counsellor, and have worked in the sector for over 20 years. Being experienced means I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which is why I also love to work with new and existing coaches, helping them to work to the best of their... [read more]

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View Profile Euan Campbell

Euan Campbell

Looking for the right career path? Planning a job or career change? Here's a little secret: it doesn't need to be so complicated or confusing! Let's discover your direction - simply and quickly.

Whether youíre just starting your career or have been working for years, finding the right career direction can feel... [read more]

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View Profile Rhiannon Davies

Rhiannon Davies - Oxon

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent a decade working in healthcare. In 2016 I became unwell and throughout my illness I encountered several people and services that helped me. Coaching techniques were part of this, and it sparked my interest in coaching as a career. Coaching transformed... [read more]

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View Profile Wioleta Wydrych

Wioleta Wydrych - Hadfield

High energy coaching to help you show up authentically and grow a soul-aligned business so you can make a difference!

Be yourself, show your uniqueness and consistently attract amazing clients! High energy, deep, real coaching experience with unlimited personalized support between the sessions to help you authentically 10x your business and make... [read more]

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View Profile Polly Wain

Polly Wain - Reading

As your coach, Iíll be here for you - and with you. My purpose is to help you discover fresh perspectives and hold a safe space for your explorations. I'm here to help you succeed, whatever that means for you - now and for the future.

With director-level experience in corporate communications... [read more]

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View Profile rita chowdhry

Rita Chowdhry - Oxshott

An Award winning coach that works with individuals and corporates to enhance performance.

Founder, CEO, Chief Coach and Facilitator for SAVRAN Ltd

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching
Diploma in Advanced Behavioural Analysis Course
Expert Level DISC (psychometric profiling) assessor
University of Wolverhampton - BEd hons (Business Studies)
Published Author of GET SAVVI - a book... [read more]

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View Profile Shirley Hensher

Shirley Hensher - Swindon

A fresh perspective on your life in business so that your work brings out the very best in you and you can give your best to your business.

I help ambitious corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to shape a working life that brings out the best in them so that they can... [read more]

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View Profile Mariya Draganova

Mariya Draganova - London

Hi, Iím Mariya.

I envision a future where all people live life on their own terms, stay true to themselves and follow their heartsí desire.

Breaking free from the shackles of people-pleasing has been one of my greatest achievements to date.

As a qualified accredited Coach , NLP Practitioner and DISC Personality... [read more]

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View Profile Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Thatcham

Iím a life and career coach specialising in post-redundancy and mid-life coaching. Iím here to help anyone who has reached a crossroads and doesnít know which way next.

I have a personal story of achieving success from that very same place. It may be redundancy, it may be divorce, it may be... [read more]

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View Profile Grace Anderson

Grace Anderson

Life Mastery Masterclass is a Life and Success Coaching Service, designed to Empower People and help them Achieve Success in various areas of their lives.
We offer Success Coaching in the following areas:

1. Personal Development Coaching
- Mindset training in improvement
- Mind Power Mastery - controlling the unconscious mind
- Developing Positive Thinking and... [read more]

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View Profile Andrew Wainstein

Andrew Wainstein - London

You might be facing challenges in your job or freelance career, rethinking your work or looking at starting out on your own. The last year may have brought this into sharper focus for you.

Our coaching will provide you with the time and space to talk through your situation, think out... [read more]

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