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Farah Govani
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Farah Govani

Iím guessing youíre here because youíre not quite satisfied with your work or career. Maybe youíre stuck in a rut, not progressing as you would like or feeling that what youíre doing just isnít you anymore. Perhaps you see other people seizing control of their career with both hands and making positive changes in their lives. And you want some of that too.

Or maybe you know exactly where you want to be and youíre looking for support to get there. Maybe you want someone to keep you on track with your ambitions and help you become an even more amazing version of you.

As a coach and mindfulness teacher, I work with people who want to transform their working world. Iím here to help you launch a new phase in your career which is in harmony with who you truly are.

"Farah has the ability to partner with you on matters that you want to tackle with clarity and objectivity. She knows how to press the right buttons to make you realise the strong role you can play in a reality you might be looking for. In addition to her wisdom and focus, she carries her sessions with an incredible generosity and motivation that make you feel safe, regardless of the challenges presented ahead. After our session, I was focused and felt an unleashed strength within me."

My Experience

I have been coaching for several years working with clients across a broad range of sectors including financial services, not-for-profit, automotive and education. Prior to that, I worked for global investment banks and local government (mainly HR and change management) before setting up my own company.

As an accredited member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council I subscribe to their code of ethics and have regular supervision for my coaching and mindfulness teaching. I am studying at Bangor University for a Masterís degree in Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

ďI find many things about her style incredibly helpful - including her positive focus on solutions and use of challenging questions to engender a deep insight into how I approach my career. Her support and our immediate connection have provided a trusting environment in which to explore the issues I face at work, and her incorporation of mindfulness into our sessions allows me to develop my skills with an open and non-judging attitude. Farah has helped coach me through a significant transition in my career.Ē

My Rates

Step 1: Let's have a call to meet and explore what has brought you to coaching. This normally takes 20 - 30 minutes.

Step 2: We will have a free, no-obligation coaching session, lasting up to two hours. This will be a full-on coaching session that could well be life-changing! At the end of that session, if we both agree that we are a good fit, we will then discuss your coaching programme.

Step 3: I find that coaching programmes of six sessions work well. Each session lasts for as long as we need it to: it could be one hour, it could be 2.5 hours - we continue until we feel we are done. I recommend that we start by meeting on a fortnightly basis, and then adjust as we need.

Our coaching sessions take place either face to face (in Croydon and London) or over Skype.

A block of six sessions costs £900, payable upfront.
You receive a 10% discount from your third block of sessions and a 15% discount from your fifth block.
If you wish to book single sessions, these are £190 per session.

My Coaching Styles

Mindfulness is integral to my life. I use both my personal and interpersonal practices to inform my coaching. I have a calm questioning style that is both challenging and supportive, and I create an environment in which you will feel safe to delve into the underlying beliefs and values that drive your behaviours.

I coach individuals who are seeking to bring their authentic self to the forefront of their career. I help my clients define their personal principles and identify what inspires, excites and motivates them. People typically come to me in the midst of transition or when they realise the need for change. They tend to be curious about themselves and the impact they have on others. Working with me, they become more present, bold, resilient and creative.

My role as a coach is to support you in the next chapter of your career. Through a series of Powerful Conversations, we will unlock your potential and develop your own, unique approach to achieving your ambitions. Working together, we create the reality that you want.

If you are interested in exploring mindfulness as part of your coaching programme, this powerful combination of coaching and mindfulness provides an opportunity for transformational change: in addition to developing new insight and perspectives, you will discover new ways of being and knowing by listening to the wisdom of your head, heart and body. It can be the catalyst for your personal evolution.

I work with both individuals and corporate clients.

"Farah used a variety of insightful approaches to help me find my own way on how to tackle a career move and the challenges that were holding me back. She coached in an empathetic and empowering way that inspired greater motivation in order to move forward. I would highly recommend Farah as a coach."

Types of Coaching Offered

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Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Stress Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Health & Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Planning & Strategy
Project Coaching
Stress Coaching

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