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Lauren Kay

Are you an ambitious woman feeling unfulfilled in your career? No longer want to be defined by that corporate version of "success"? I can help you create a freedom and passion based life.

My mission is to empower and equip unfulfilled career women to create the fulfilment and freedom they crave in work and ultimately life! I believe there is so much awesomeness inside of us, but it can get a little lost. Work can own us rather than us rocking our work...and life...on our own terms. I totally get it - I have been there! Various things like being overworked, getting stuck in routine, feeling trapped with life obligations, corporate conditioning and external expectations - all of it can claim a piece of our real awesomeness and make us feel trapped on a path that is no longer ours.

I was a lawyer working for a top international corporate firm for six years and, in many ways, I had "succeeded". I had ticked my life boxes. But something kept niggling at me - I still felt unfulfilled in my work and ultimately my lifestyle which stemmed from my work. I realised I had been living according to society''s version of success and not my own. But I decided to change that. In a nutshell, I changed the was I "worked" and it changed my life. I am a living breathing example of the corporate escape.

Visit my "about me" page on my website for more information about my story:

I have faith that if you''re feeling unfulfilled and you''re ready to make a commitment to change then my coaching programme can take you to the freedom life you desire and deserve.

Get in touch for your discovery call with me at

Awesomely yours,
Lauren Kay

My Experience

I'm experienced in and passionate about coaching unfulfilled career women to create their freedom work and life. As freedom varies and is unique to every woman, my experience in this field is varied. Freedom can be starting a passion based business, creating more "you" time, travelling, doing more of what you love or all of these (like I created for myself). Some of the challenges and goals I've worked with my awesome coachees through include: mindset (e.g. inner confidence), passion and purpose discovery, financial budgeting, alternative working ways, travel planning, business strategy and health + wellbeing. I've seen liberating transitions occur in my clients towards more fulfilling work, which shapes their freedom life.

For more about the structure of my one-on-one coaching programme, check out my website. Whilst every programme is uniquely tuned to your needs, the powerful framework I've created is based on experience of the challenges ambitious women making an exciting transition face.

See "Wonderful Words" on my website for what others say about Lauren Kay coaching.

My client's typically reach out to me as they are experiencing the following thoughts and feelings. Do any of them feel familiar to you too?...

• Over worked and under appreciated?
•Done with dealing with that Sunday dread feeling and being on countdown to Friday?
•Feeling unfulfilled even though you’ve ticked your big life boxes. Maybe you’ve been to University, got a “good” job, got that designer handbag – but something is still missing?
•Always in fire fighting mode, not working from your most fruitful and energised zone?
•Starting to see and feel signs of burn-out in yourself stemming from your work life?
•Fed up of the lack of real YOU time because work commitments (even the fun social ones) are owning you?
•Feeling trapped in routine but don’t know how to shake things up?
• Feeling there's an adventurer in you, but find yourself opting for tamer ways to spend your annual leave because you just need time to chill out?

If any of these issues resonate with you and you're no longer willing to accept them, get in touch.

My Rates

As part of the investment in YOU towards YOUR goals & dreams, I offer 3 & 6 month personal coaching programmes to allow your progress to flourish and goals to be gained. These packages are tailored to suit your requirements.

Get in touch to arrange your initial discovery call to uncover where you're at, discuss your requirements and how we can work together as part of the investment in you. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Coaching Styles

If you're open to truth, self-empowerment and straight talking in pursuit of your dreams, then life coaching with me is a powerful tool. I hold you accountable, I challenge you, I want the best for you, I'm your cheerleader and we are on the same team - TEAM YOU!

Sessions take place via video call.

The humbling testimonial below gives a flavour of my style. Please visit my website for more on my working vibe and further testimonials.

Amy Louise Pullan,
Journalist / PR Guru + Golden Goddess says:

"Coaching with Lauren has been enlightening, positive and empowering! I literally don’t know how I would have started my journey without her. It is not only your goal that she will help you to achieve but an overall different, more positive and inspiring outlook on life in general.

Lauren enlightened me on the way my thought processes work and unlocked things about myself, including my self destructive way of thinking, which I had never addressed before. I felt like for the first time I was being honest with myself and this was such a powerful and emotional realisation which is different from anything I have ever tried before.

I loved the use of video calls for our sessions because it meant I could stay in the comfort of my own home (usually in my pyjamas :-p) rather than travelling, but still have a personal individual touch. Lauren is accessible and communication is always easy – she goes the extra mile to fit the sessions in around my busy lifestyle. But sometimes the wonderful surroundings she sits in for the sessions make me jealous ;-) .

I always look forward to my next session as they fill me with the enthusiasm and positivity I need to help me strive to achieve my goals."

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