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Rhiannon Davies
 - Oxon

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Rhiannon Davies

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent a decade working in healthcare. In 2016 I became unwell and throughout my illness I encountered several people and services that helped me. Coaching techniques were part of this, and it sparked my interest in coaching as a career. Coaching transformed my life by helping me identify what matters to me, set goals, manage my energy envelope as well as other health difficulties and create a future I was excited about. I chose to become a coach to help other people transform their lives too.

I have developed my coaching with a view to helping people transition through life changes ensuring that they can achieve their goals and dreams. Whether that is helping them rebuild their life after serious illness, start a new business, transition into a new job, graduate successfully, get their first job, get the most out of retirement, become a more confident person or something else. I enjoy helping clients achieve what they want and seeing their confidence grow throughout our time together.

My Experience

I started coaching in the summer of 2019. I have experience coaching other coaches, small business start-ups, students, new graduates and healthcare professionals.

Through my coaching sessions I have enabled clients to achieve a wide range of things including:
• completing coursework and preparing for exams
• finding their first job
• buying their first house
• writing a book
• improving confidence
• changing career
• starting a business
• growing a business
• turning a hobby into a business
• managing their clinical caseload
• keeping up to date with CPD
• improving their work-life balance

In the 2020/2021 academic year I delivered coaching based seminars to Nottingham Trent University 1st and 2nd year students. These sessions covered goal setting, motivation, resilience, self-confidence, values, beliefs, developing a growth mindset as well as including some coaching.

My Rates

One to one sessions:
Chemistry Call -I cover the cost of this so that you can establish whether I am the right coach for you
Individual sessions on a pay as you go basis £72
Block of six coaching sessions £330 (£60 per session)
Block of 12 coaching sessions with a free review session halfway through £600 (£55 per session)
Ongoing monthly subscription enabling you to book up to two coaching session per month £130/month

Group coaching:
For groups of up to six people
Chemistry Call -I cover the cost of this so that we can establish the group will work well together
Block of six coaching sessions £432 (£72 per session)
Block of 12 coaching sessions with a free review session halfway through £864 (£72 per session)

My Coaching Styles

I am friendly, approachable, engaging, positive and enthusiastic with my clients. I am a coach who gently challenges, so I work well with people who are nervous of being challenged or who lack confidence. I love seeing my clients grow in confidence over time. I encourage them to leave their comfort zone, helping them move into their stretch zone and learn that challenge can be a good thing. My own experiences with personal ill health and previously working in the NHS sharpened my ability to be non-judgemental and compassionate with my coaching. In addition, I am well practiced in keeping information confidential and work in a professional yet friendly manner.

My commitment to continuing professional development means that I am at the forefront of new coaching techniques and developments so I am, and will be, always offering the best service and value to my clients throughout my career.

My coaching approach is to raise the client’s awareness of themselves, help them self-discover and bring about the change the client wants in their life.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Youth Coaching

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