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Chris Brown
 - Thatcham

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Chris Brown

Iím a life and career coach specialising in post-redundancy and mid-life coaching. Iím here to help anyone who has reached a crossroads and doesnít know which way next.

I have a personal story of achieving success from that very same place. It may be redundancy, it may be divorce, it may be a health scare, it may be a tragedy. It may be all of those. Iíve been to all of those places and become a better and more successful version of me as a result. Let me steer you in the same way.

Our time together will be a mixture of exploring who you really are, goal-setting, and techniques to help you achieve those goals.

I love what I do and you will see that passion in the way I help you. If we do decide to work together, it will be partly because I believe in you. Possibly more than you believe in yourself. Weíll work on that together

My Experience

Iíve spent over 30 years in business reaching the very top of the tech industry.

Iím now an in-demand motivational speaker for corporate clients as well as a life and career coach for individuals.

I was fortunate enough to be coached and mentored by some great people during my career and I made it a key objective of mine to pass that on to newer people coming into business. I have spent a lot of the last ten years providing the same coaching and mentoring that I benefitted from and I have seen many of my 'pupilsí grow into great role models for their generation.

I now have a great work/life balance which has come through hard work, willpower, and knowing which turns to take at those crossroads. Iíve made mistakes too, learnt from them, used them to create more personal armour, and moved on.

My Rates

Our first Discovery session is completely free; we have to work out if weíre right for each other. These typically last 30 minutes.

I currently charge £60 for a 50 minute session.

I also offer a special ďNew Year, Better YouĒ package of three 40 minute sessions for just £99

Most of my clients book packages, which are a combination of sessions, calls, texts, etc over a period of time. These start from £200 for two months and can be discussed further in our Discovery session.

My Coaching Styles

I offer regular guidance for you in different formats to suit your needs. We can talk, email, message, meet. Whatever works for you. Typically, most clients opt for Zoom calls.

Iím not a psychiatrist or a counsellor; I wonít go over your childhood and find the reasons for who you are. Iím here to get you motivated and moving towards your real goals. I wonít try and change you into somebody else; I will help you to become a better you.

My focus is usually on achieving the right balances in your life between your career, your relationships and your leisure time. I do this because that has worked for me and all of my clients.

I will drive you and I make no apologies for this. You are struggling to find all the right willpower at the moment; I will teach you how to get all the power you need.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Coaching for Depression
Relationship Coaching
Diversity Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching

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