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Geraldine Kirwan

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Geraldine Kirwan

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner - passionate about helping clients move forward fast.
This year I am enjoying working through zoom - or over the phone which many people prefer.
* from this year I am also offering longer "breakthrough sessions" - ideal for discovering what is blocking your confidence, for example before a job interview.

The pandemic has brought so many negatives, but it can also bring positives, and a chance to reset your life, which may be something you have thought of for a long time, but not acted upon - yet!
Discovering the power of coaching and NLP has been a life-changing event for me. I just love to see people making the most of their lives, and to hear that change in the voice which signals the increase of energy they need to jump in and make the changes they need to make, and perhaps have thought about, but not acted upon, for a long time.

I have a degree in Psychology and Management, and a postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Counselling, and I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and an accredited member of ANLP.
In addition, I qualified as a Life Coach with the Coaching Academy in London, and subsequently as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

I have had over thirty years in education, as a teacher, lecturer and manager, and have had my own business in IT training, and of course, Life Coaching.

My Experience

I am passionate about the power of coaching, and NLP. Every individual can benefit from stepping outside their normal pattern, being helped to look at a situation through other perspectives, and hearing another person who wants to listen fully to what you want to express, and to help you move ahead in your life, from a negative into a positive. I want to see all my clients feeling motivated and excited about life, sounding positive and optimistic about their potential. This may be at any stage of life, from youth to retirement......

As a coach and counsellor, I can offer neutrality, unlike discussing your situation with a friend, colleague or family member, I have no vested interest in expressing an opinion, and in fact, refreshingly, I will not be expressing an opinion on your life. After all, you are the expert on your life, and I am not. Friends and family can often be the people that are actually limiting your changing, and discussing your issues with them is not necessarily the answer when you are seeking a new perspective. Coaching offers you the great experience of being able to truly say what you think and feel, and not feel judged by someone you are connected to already. Each session builds up your future success, happiness and fulfilment, whether in your personal life or your career. It is not just 'a chat' but is a highly focused time, which will leave you keen to get going on your next goals!

I understand about the stresses and demands of modern life, and particularly combining the challenges of parenthood with the demands of working life. Often, keeping up with the two can leave you putting yourself last, to the detriment of your own mental and physical health. For example, parenting teenagers can be a really challenging time. I believe that coaching will see you feeling able to put things into perspective, and to make time for your own development and well being, while enjoying the limited time you have with your children before they leave you as adults. You deserve it!

I am trained in working by phone or face-to-face, and of course in these days of Covid - also by zoom. Please contact me for fees, which depend on how you would prefer to be coached.

As I am frequently busy coaching on the phone, It is best to start with an email to me, then I will email or ring you as soon as possible. You can use the email from this site or reach me at

My Rates

Fees for coaching depend on whether it takes place by phone, zoom or face-to-face.
Please feel free to get in touch and I am happy to discuss your needs with you.

My Coaching Styles

Here are some testimonials from clients...

"Hi Geraldine - I got the job! Thank you so much for the sessions over the weekend. They were instrumental in helping me believe I could get it"

"Geraldine helped me a great deal. She helped me to clarify my goals and clear blocks."

"Many thanks for helping our daughter and giving her support when she was going through a stressful time. Your coaching helped her in regaining her confidence". VM

"I had six coaching sessions on the phone. It was such an interesting and powerful experience, perhaps it was because of her attitude and voice tone, which are vital qualities as a professional life coach. Geraldine is so patient, supportive and hard working."

"Geraldine has always been supportive and treated me with genuine respect and professionalism. She has challenged me often and this in itself has been life changing"

"Throughout the time I was coached by Geraldine I covered a wide range of goals. As a coach myself, I knew that I had the commitment to follow them through - but Geraldine re-instilled the energy in me to get there."

"Overall, the sessions stopped me from drifting and I achieved a great deal. This has set the pace for what, I hope, will continue for the foreseeable future."

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Coaching for Anxiety
Coaching for Depression
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Health & Wellness Coaching
Parent Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Stress Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Stress Coaching

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