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Jennie-Kate Mccreight
 - Leeds

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Jennie-Kate  Mccreight

I work with people and/or businesses who want to improve aspects of their life, through a coaching approach. This is achieved through 1:1 coaching, workshops & even retreat events.
Coaching is most effective where there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This might be in how you are feeling, what you are telling yourself or in getting to your goals in life.

Do you spend more time then you would like giving yourself a hard time for not being good enough or feeling like a fraud at what you do. (this is commonly referred to as Imposter Syndrome).

You may have found yourself feeling unwanted emotions that are impacting on your overall well-being?

This situation can often have an impact on your self-esteem as you might be avoiding things you want or "should" be doing for fear of failure?

This often impacts your enjoyment of work and/or life and leaves you feeling unhappy with aspects of your current situation.

This experience can be exhausting, whether you are beating yourself up with negative self-talk, becoming increasingly anxious or avoidant of a situation or working over-time to over-compensate for your inner beliefs. You probably find that what’s going on for you on the inside is very different to the picture you are projecting to others?

Through coaching, together we will help you develop ways to let go of these beliefs and move to a place of acceptance & self-worth. Where everything is easier, more fun and you feel happier being who you are, in your own skin.

I help people put down old beliefs that you no longer need.

Coaching helps you find strategies to manage the emotional experiences you have and help you understand what you want to change & how this can be achieved (and most importantly, sustained for you in the long term).

I often bring nature into the work I do with clients, as this environment supports transformation and helps to reduce the anxiety and panic you might be feeling. (If you think coaching in nature would be of interest to you, we can discuss this further).

I offer a range of workforce well-being packages for businesses looking to make long term commitments to transforming their well-being culture, this is delivered through tailored coaching packages & bespoke workshops and forms part of a well-being action plan. (To discuss this further email

My Experience

My background, prior to coaching, was working in the Mental Health & Employability sector working in both private and third sector I managed a range of services and supported team development at a front-line & leadership level.
I have 10+ years using asset based coaching approaches enabling people to meet their full potential ( individual, team and strategic partnership levels).
As part of this I developed and delivered learning & development programmes, in-house mentoring and workshop delivery, for strategic change & personal development.

Alongside a range of training & development my main coaching modalities are:
NLP - Master Practitioner
Intergal Eye Movement Therapy - Advance Practitioner (Trauma & PTSD)
OldPain2Go TM (Brain Bargaining) - Practitioner
M-Bit (M-Braining) Practitioner

My Rates

I offer a free 15 minute initial discussion, where we will discuss rates and packages to suit your needs.

On average people benefit from 2-6 session, and recommend a frequency of every 2-4 weeks between each session.

For workshop and workforce wellbeing, we will have an initial consultation to tailor a bespoke package.

My Coaching Styles

Coaching is a fast & effective way to achieve change, this means through our sessions we will create some "quick wins" to help your mind trust in your ability to change and feel differently. In real life terms this means reducing the negative feelings you might have currently (e.g anxiety, anger, fear, shame) and helping you to build in kinder, more helpful thoughts and behaviours to support your change.

Sessions will help you focus on creating lasting transformation. A collaborative and explorative approach. Helping you to shift what’s been getting in your way or stopping you. Sharing resources that will help you sustain the change through therapeutic coaching techniques and psychoeducation. This means you can apply your knowledge and learning in your wider life.

We will establish what you want and how to get there. As a coach/facilitator I work alongside you to ensure you have chosen the right goal for you, meaning that you are motivated and committed to making that change.

My style varies dependent on the needs and issues of the client. I work in a way that is direct and supportive and enables proactive facilitation of change.

I work with a range of issues from confidence and anxiety to trauma and low mood. The coaching journey will help you to explore all aspects of your life and tweak the bits you need to in order to achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Coaching for Anxiety
Coaching for Depression
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Health & Wellness Coaching
Stress Coaching
Youth Coaching
Change Management
Conflict Resolution Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Stress Coaching
Team Coaching

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