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All leaders feel under pressure to deliver and perform daily. They also acknowledge the need to have their finger on the pulse and have a 360 panoramic view on all matters relating to their personal and professional life. Every day brings new challenges, and new problems. It means that as a leader you need to be equipped and empowered to handle those uncomfortable times and motivate your team at the same time.

At Aspiring People, the executive coaching offer provides you with the time, space and opportunity to have an honest discussion with me about your challenges as a leader and manager but more importantly as a person. The coaching sessions allow you the time to pause, reflect and re-focus and consider the best tried and tested practices that will deliver great results and at the same time help you maintain a work life balance.

I have helped many clients like you to embrace and welcome change. My approach is to help clients change the way they think when dealing with life''s challenges by focusing on the now and working on the solutions. I am a believer that everyone possesses amazing talents, experiences, skills and opportunities that no one else has ever had or will have. I also believe it is vital to maintain a good sense of humour in response to life''s challenges!

If you have never tried coaching before and are now considering it as a way to change your life, then why not take advantage of my 60 minutes no obligation free assessment session below for more details. The personal benefits of coaching are wide ranging. Many clients report that coaching positively impacts their careers as well as their lives by helping them to establish and take action towards goals and become more self reliant.

My Experience

Executive coaching

I have worked as an independent executive coach since 2005 providing coaching support to managers and individuals working for several organisations including Action for Children, The Improvement Development Agency, and several local authorities. Over the years I have developed an excellent reputation for transforming the lives and careers of over 50 managers/individuals who have worked at different levels within an organisation, from junior roles to director.
Coaching is now regarded as one of the most effective professional development interventions. The executive coaching that I provide is business focused using project management methods to help you and includes:

1. Career progression and acknowledging your potential
2. Helping you navigate the first 100 days in your new role
3. Leading and managing your team or leading on major projects
4. Developing and improving your self-confidence.
5. Managing your personal and business relationships
6. Managing your work-life balance, especially in response to Covid-19

As an executive and career coach I provide a bespoke and needs led programmes for managers and individuals on a paid basis. I have successfully coached on a range of personal and work related subjects including:

• project managing your career,
• the art of delegation,
• lateral thinking in the work setting,
• thinking on your feet,
• critical thinking,
• improving self- confidence,
• responding to bullying and harassment,
• managing change effectively,
• developing resilience in the job market,
• bouncing back from redundancy,
• managing your manager, interview coaching, CV and application form coaching.

With regards to managing teams, I have coached managers on the following subjects including, developing a high performance team, managing and supporting the health and well-being of staff, the art of delegation, managing your line manager, leading a restructure, recruiting the best people, dealing with grievances in your team, holding difficult conversations and meeting organisational objectives.
I have received excellent feedback and glowing testimonials from private clients for my ability to help individuals achieve all their goals within the timeframes agreed.

Recently I coached a manager who within a short period of 6 months gained two promotions and was included in a prestigious top 50 list as one of the most influential managers within the public sector across the UK. The manager commented:

"Lloyd has a gift for identifying strengths and talents in others. He is a wonderfully genuine and generous person, with a positive approach to people development.
Lloyd is a talented consultant and fabulous to work with. He is inspiring, honest and knowledgeable in all aspects of people management. He helped me to develop in my areas of strength and focus of my goals and aspirations. Lloyd was instrumental in my gaining momentum to pursue my goals and more importantly taking the action necessary to enable me to make the most of my strengths at work, leading to a fantastic career development opportunity."
Senior manager - Housing Ombudsman service

HR experience

As an experienced HR professional, I have worked at a strategic and operational level and in large matrix organisations in the public, private and charity sectors. I have coached senior managers to achieve their business and organisational objectives. I have coached and advised managers on the application and implementation of HR policies and procedures including resourcing, performance management, managing change, disciplinaries and grievances.
I have also led on the organisational implementation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for a UK wide organisation. This included mainstreaming EDI by coaching and supporting managers when managing change, recruiting staff, managing performance and addressing disciplinary and grievance matters. The mainstreaming of EDI saw an increase in Black and Minority Ethinic managers and staff, the introduction of staff networks, the development of a corporate equalities board and EDI champions. I have also supported and coached managers and individuals to achieve job promotions.

I have the following qualifications:
• MA – Human Resources Strategy
• Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching
• Certificate in Workplace Mediation Human Resources
• Diploma in Project management

My Rates

If you would like help to change and transform your life then why not contact me on 07958 692 803 to book your FREE, no obligation 60 minutes session.

In this session we will discuss one of your objectives. If there is a good synergy and good rapport, we can then agree a further 6 coaching sessions that can be conducted via the telephone, Zoom or face to face over the next 2/3 months.

I am now offering new clients the opportunity to be coached at a reduced rate. This is an offer not to be missed.

My Coaching Styles

Clients have commented that they leave my coaching sessions with a renewed sense of purpose, direction and clarity. My style is very much one that will enable the client to achieve self- discovery to generate lasting solutions, actions and strategies. Comments from clients are that my coaching approach is also warm, friendly, fun, action-orientated, that provided a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to bring about successful outcomes.

When coaching managers and individuals I undertake the following:

1. Setting the scene - We begin by getting to know you on a personal and professional level, develop and establish ground rules and objectives and ensure there is the right coach/coachee fit
2. We discuss and explore the current “as is” situation, finding out what you have tried and
3. We begin to discuss, explore and agree the “to be“ vision of your personal and professional life.
4. We discuss the range of options to enable you to achieve your objectives
5. We discuss and agree a plan to enable you to meet your objectives.
6. We discuss and identify a range of personal development tools, resources and best practices that will help you meet your objectives

In addition to using several coaching models, including GROW and FACTs, I also employ mindfulnes and emotional intelligence techniques. When working with managers and individuals the ultimate aim is to help them develop a "can do" attitude to overcome life's challenges to become phenomenal and excellent.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Coaching for Depression
Confidence Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Spiritual Coaching
Stress Coaching
Youth Coaching
Change Management
Conflict Resolution Coaching
Diversity Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Planning & Strategy
Project Coaching
Stress Coaching

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