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Lucy Editha

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Lucy Editha

Life Coaching for those feeling stuck, down, stressed or anxious.

I focus on finding what brings happiness and fulfilment, removing any barriers that may be in the way. I apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to my coaching in order to transform unproductive thinking and behaviours to ones that will help you flourish.

The aim of sessions is for you to find the answers yourself through a journey of self-realisation. Sessions may produce actions to enact before the next, moving towards longer-term goals that have been agreed between us. I like to think of coaching as a journey of guided self-discovery that addresses all areas of a persons life, bringing about positive change.

I am currently available Monday - Friday on Skype or phone. I am flexible regarding duration and frequency of sessions. My suggestion is for an hour session once a week until it is felt sessions are no longer needed.

My story: I previously felt lost in life, going through periods of anxiety and depression, not knowing exactly what would bring me happiness and fulfilment but ultimately feeling trapped in a life that didnít.

Now I am sure about what brings me happiness and fulfilment. I have made changes in my life in order to follow my passions and give me more freedom to do the things I enjoy. My approach to life has also changed through increased self-awareness and learning. It was through applying life coaching principles, alongside CBT technique, and making changes, that the long-term difference was really made.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat. If I am unable to answer my phone, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My Experience

I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with a Level 5 Diploma in CBT. I also volunteer as a mentor for service users with mental health issues through a local charity.


Jack ~ Lucy was great at asking questions and not making assumptions which made me answer my own questions. She also helped me with her positive energy, she would often question my negative thought processes by asking if they were true to real life. I now have more confidence in myself and feel more present in day to day life. As a result of our sessions, I discovered a huge opportunity to act upon, something that wasn't clear before.

Sarah ~ I really feel that sessions helped me. Lucy coached me to be confident in my job interview and focus on what I could give to the role - and I got the job! I felt a sense of relief at being able to talk through different issues to someone who wouldn't judge me but try to understand things from my perspective.

Dave ~ It was great to come away from each session with actions to do, it made me feel like I was making progress towards my goals. I feel like I have gained confidence and now have a clear direction of where I want to go and what I am doing to get there.

Alice ~ I 100% achieved my goal. Lucy made me feel comfortable right away and I felt I could talk through all my issues. Our sessions have built my confidence, allowing me to live my life without fear.

My Rates

£30/one-hour session or four sessions for £100.

My Coaching Styles

Life Coaching + CBT technique

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Coaching for Anxiety
Coaching for Depression
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Health & Wellness Coaching
Stress Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Project Coaching
Stress Coaching

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