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Peter Hill

I love coaching to facilitate real changes in people’s lives. My role as your coach is to help you challenge your own status quo, uncovering new perspectives in the process and revealing new choices for what you do, why you do it and how you do it.

My focus is on giving you the time, space and confidence to give full expression to the topics you bring, to feel able to reflect on and learn from your experiences and, in so doing, expand your own self-awareness as you address the challenges you face.

I will listen without judgement and with curiosity, providing a safe space in which you can feel heard. I will encourage you to critically reflect on your experiences and highlight any patterns I see emerging. I will help you challenge the beliefs and hidden assumptions that might be playing their part in creating the topics you bring.

I find that people can get hung up on labels, and coaching has many labels: life, career, success, happiness, business, executive etc. It is all coaching. No part of our lives is hermetically sealed off from the rest and I look to coach you, the whole person, within the context of the topics you bring.

I have worked with people on a range of topics, such as developing leadership capability; motivating and focusing teams; managing organisational change; dealing with challenging relationships; building capability for advancement; addressing self-confidence issues; and achieving significant career change.

My Experience

My first experience of coaching came over 20 years ago as a part of my own development. It profoundly affected me in terms of my self-awareness and my approach to management. This eventually led me to train as a coach at the BBC, where, as well as having various senior roles, I joined the internal coaching team.

My qualifications include a Bachelors of Arts in Business Studies, I am a CIMA qualified accountant, hold the EMCC accredited BBC Coaching Foundation qualification and have a MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes. I also hold an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credential.

I give my time to the Prince’s Trust as a Mentor on its Enterprise Programme, providing support to young adults as they explore setting up their own businesses. The programme helps them develop confidence, key skills, and motivation, enabling them to either launch their business, or, if more appropriate, move into work, education or training.

I spent my early career as a qualified accountant working in senior finance roles for companies such as Metier Management Systems and Oracle, before moving into management consultancy with Price Waterhouse and Ernst and Young, building a strong reputation running major change programmes. I then moved to work for the BBC before setting up my own business over twelve years ago.

My qualifications include a Bachelors of Arts in Business Studies, being a CIMA qualified accountant, the EMCC accredited BBC Coaching Foundation qualification, MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes and I am an ICF accredited coach.

My Rates

Experience suggests that personal change takes around 6 months to become embedded. Consequently I recommend 6 sessions as a typical coaching programme.

I charge private clients investing in themselves £100/hour and recommend six 1.5 hour sessions. A typical 6 session, 9 hour programme would cost £900. If we find that you have achieved all you want to achieve earlier, then you only pay for the sessions completed.

Corporate funded programmes are structured slightly differently and typically consist of:

An initial 3 way discussion with the coachee's manager to establish how they would measure a successful coaching programme for the individual.
Six 1.5 hour coaching sessions.
A mid-point check in with the manager to get feedback on visible progress.
A closure meeting with the manager.
For corporate clients I offer 2 follow up 30 minute calls post the six sessions to provide some support in relation to embedding learning. These programmes are charged at £2,500.

Team coaching interventions would be designed to meet the specific requirements of each organisation and I would provide a bespoke proposal for this type of work.

All prices exclude VAT.

My Coaching Styles

At the heart of my philosophy is a belief that behaviours are habitual, often based on unconscious assumptions informed by past experiences. As life moves on and circumstances change, these habits and assumptions may no longer be relevant or helpful in dealing with current challenges.

My purpose is to enable my coachees to recognise their habits and surface those hidden assumptions. In so doing, I hope to enable them to recognise those that are no longer helpful and develop new and more appropriate ways of dealing with today’s challenges.

Consequently, I see coaching fundamentally as a process that helps enrich self-awareness, allowing the development of a deeper understanding of the topics coachees bring to coaching, thus enabling them to develop more effective and rounded skills for the future.

To achieve this, I seek to encourage my coachees to cast a critical eye over their experiences, helping them to effectively challenge their status quo and reveal new perspectives, leading to personal growth through behavioural change.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Confidence Coaching
Stress Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Leadership Coaching
Project Coaching
Stress Coaching
Team Coaching

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