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Graham Stevenson

My journey into this field was driven by a desire to get away from the past and enjoy my present relationship more. I was tired of falling out over the same issues and I believed that more was possible for both of us. Realising that I couldn''t change my partner I began to focus on myself and work on my blockages. I soon discovered that a basic requirement is having permission for pleasure - obvious, but challenging for some. Most of my lessons have been learnt the hard way as I/we couldn''t find much help out there. My spirituality at the time was quite sex-negative and about controlling and subduing natural desires and instincts. Since many of my issues were body-based, this meant getting connected with my own body first which was a scary but interesting process. I realise now that you can''t be fully human unless you accept and love yourself body, soul and spirit. For myself and for many people finding that balance is a challenge as we often grow up in sex-negative and pleasure averse families, religions and cultures. Letting go of those negative influences can seem impossible, but I can encourage you that once the ball is rolling the process gets easier.

The latest research is proving more and more the intricate connection between body and mind and that you have to treat the whole and not just parts. This is why I trained to heal and harness both the mind and the body for a balanced life. It''s not a one-off achievement but more of a lifestyle approach that consistently gives results.

So I honour those who believe that more is possible and follow this path to self-fulfillment. My aim is to be a safe and knowledgable guide for you and by combining talk and touch I can uniquely help reconnect mind and body. My motivation is seeing couples expand and deepen their connection and learn new skills. Relationships are the source of our most profound pleasures as well as our deepest pains so lets learn to increase the pleasure and avoid unnecessary pain.

My Experience

Graham is a sexologist with a doctorate in Human Sexuality, who offers his knowledge and skills as a certified coach and Tantric masseur. He has spent eighteen years abroad working as a spiritual mentor and educator, teaching on sex, marriage and relationships. For over two decades he has been helping individuals come to terms with their sexuality. Part of this time was spent working as a voluntary couples counsellor in a local hospital mental health unit. He also does some sex education classes in schools, where the emphasis is on relationships and pleasure.

For the past three years he has been setting himself up in private practice in the UK. He specialises in working with individuals and couples with relationship or sexual issues who want to find a new sense of identity. With his personal and professional experience and unique knowledge, he feels he can really help those who are looking for more out of life in terms of meaning and connection.

My Rates

I offer a complementary call to see if we are a good fit for working together.
I ask for prepayment to confirm our sessions via Bank transfer preferably, or Paypal or Stripe (details on request).

Individuals: I offer one-to-one sessions via Zoom or Skype and in person in Bristol, Bath and London at 65 per hour.

Couples: I offer one-to-one sessions via Zoom or Skype and in person in Bristol, Bath and London at 80 per hour.

(cancellations with more than 48hrs notice will be given a 50% refund. Thereafter the full fee will be due.)

My Coaching Styles

When we meet:
- We will make an agreement about expectations and goals

- We will explore the process looking at issues to be faced, commitment needed, benefits of success, etc.

- Decide on a plan of how to get there

- Give honest feedback along the way

- Celebrate your success!

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Relationship Coaching
Spiritual Coaching

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